We Play Streetball

-We Play Streetball-

We Play Streetball

On May 9, 2019, the 2nd Interschool Streetball Tournament took place at the Meridian International School.   Streetball is simply street basketball - a new Olympic discipline that will appear at the next Olympic Games in Tokyo. The patron of the tournament was Mr Artur Wołczacki, the Mayor of the Włochy district.   The tournament was attended by over 60 students from four schools in the Włochy district. The weather and moods were good, and the victory in both categories of boys and girls (grades VII, VIII and III of the middle school) was awarded to the Meridian International School.   [...]

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Egypt, Papua New Guinea and Ireland in Warsaw!

Can you visit many different countries in one day? Yes, the Meridian school makes it possible! In April this year The Meridian International Primary School celebrated the annual International Day. The main purpose of this multicultural event is to show that different nationalities, races and religions can live together in harmony. To be able to participate in the event - the students learned about the national colours of the chosen country, characteristic symbols, culture and curiosities. With the help of parents, the presentation of the selected country was supplemented with local dishes and the students themselves wore appropriate costumes. Among selected countries [...]

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IB Visual Arts in Meridian – April 2019

The exhibition ‘’Passing of the time” and ‘’Light” have been created by visual arts students as part of their diploma - May 2019. In the ‘’Passing of the time” collection there are references to movement and speed symbolised by water as well as the concept of time has been shown in music and human’s life. Whereas the ‘’Light” collection has been focused on various functions of light and its metaphor. The artists’ goal has been to seek out and accent diversed media in poectic way.

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The Beatles & Celine Dion at Meridian School

In 2019, for the twelfth time, Meridian International Primary School organized the MERIDIAN ENGLISH SONG CONTEST (MESC). The competition is an open educational review of the songs in English, performed by soloists and groups consisting of 1-8 grade students from Mazovian primary schools. Aims of the contest To encourage students to active participation in amateur music performance, To promote talented students and to motivate them to systematically improve their skills, To enable public presentation of vocal skills, to award the most interesting performances and to promote the winners. Repertoire Each of the participants independently chooses a [...]

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Meridian International Schools at Our Kids Private School Expo

On March 10, 2019, the University Library in Warsaw hosted the First Fair of Private Schools. The fair was organized by Our Kids in cooperation with the Meridian International Schools in Warsaw. The booth of International Meridian Schools was visited by almost 1,000 people. Our guests, interested in private education, were looking for a suitable school for their children. Lots of families came to the Fair looking for information about non-public primary and secondary schools. Our guests often asked about the admission process, the calendar of open days and they wanted to know more about the Meridian International Primary School [...]

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Meridian Schools at Perspektywy 2019 fair

The Perspektywy International Education Salon was held this year for the 31st time. For several days, this annual educational fair was hosted by the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. At the fair one can learn about educational offers of primary and secondary school as well as of universities. Most people visiting the booth of the International Meridian High School were interested in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP). The school has been running this program for over 10 years. During this year's Fair there was also the premiere of the Brochure for 8th graders. This is a summary [...]

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Visual Arts Exhibition

In March 2017, our IB2 students exhibited their artworks made in the two-year course of Visual Arts. The presented works reflected the students’ interests and passions, and the some of the leading themes included:”Presence”, “Theatre”, “Syria”. In their artistic creation, the 12-th graders sought inspiration in famous artists and trends. Their participation in art workshops resulted in a plethora of techniques used in the works.

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Geography students on the trip!

On 1st of June, IB1 geography students went on a trip with Mr Andrew around Warsaw. As it was partof their lesson, they discussed every place that they saw, how did the district look like and compared them with each other. the places that they saw how did the district look like and compared them with each other. the places that they saw varied from historical places to industrial, or suburban districts. Their first stop was Chopin Airport, around the airport, it was seen that there are a lot of hotels, small shops, old buildings and also new ones. [...]

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International success

We are proud to announce that one of our students, Dorota Nguyen from the Pre-IB Diploma class was one of the runners up in the Polish Finals of the European Youth Debating Competition. Giiguulen Bataa and Yung Chin also from the Pre-IB class were present. We also had Gloria Sanghavi and Teresa Mijancos from IB1 and Andras Tischler from IB2. One of our IB teachers, Charles Wielgus Barry accompanied the students. The motion for the debate related to the impact of petro-chemicals and plastics in the digital age. The event was jointly hosted by two international organizations -the EPCA [...]

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Green School

May is usually associated with the Green School at Meridian. During a few days we could integrate outside the school building. It was a truly joyful time for our students who made new friends and visited interesting places. This year, the trip took place at the turn of May and June, in Borek village in Małopolskie voivodship. We had lots of integrating activities and other attractions. Some of them were: paintball, go-karts, a zip line, climbing, horse riding, Bochnia salt mine, as well as sports tournaments. Additionally, the integration was fostered by a disco and a bonfire. On the [...]

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