With the DP results having being published, we are proud to have students scoring high in the challenging Higher Level DP courses, including Business Management HL, Biology HL, Chemistry HL and English B HL. Moreover, our May 2019 session students obtained excellent results in the Extended Essay requirement, including Mathematics, English, Geography, Economics, Business Management and Visual Arts. As an academic research paper, the Extended Essay is one of the most challenging requirements in the IB Diploma Programme.  It develops however an array of skills that the candidates need in order to succeed in their university careers, such as research skills, [...]


Meridian School Science Fair

Elephant toothpaste, invisible ink, exploding volcano are just samples of Science Fair experiments at Meridian school Science Fair is an annual competition for students of the Meridian International Primary School. Participants in 2-3 people teams presented their scientific projects in the form of boards, models or experiments they created. Such fairs allow students to compete in scientific activities as well as develop their interests. The main value for teams is the opportunity to acquire a wider knowledge of the selected topic and to share the results of experiments with others. In each project presentation the teams posted goal / hypothesis [...]

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The results of our “Fantastic XXI Century” competition.

On May 29, 2019 in our school there was a ceremony of awarding prizes to the winners and finalists of the "Fantastic XXI Century" competition. The patron of the competition was the Kuratorium, and the organizer was the school library of the Meridian elementary school, middle and high school. In this edition of the competition, students from the Masovian schools had the task to create a comic book or write a fantasy story and illustrate it in two selected colors. Criteria for evaluating the competition works we used the following: action (twists of action, unusual character of the adventure), heroes (consistency [...]

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The Path to Harvard – a spectacular success of our Alumnus!

We are proud to announce that our IB Diploma Programme alumnus, Mateusz Mościcki, is a laureate of ‘The Path to Harvard’ Competition (Droga na Harward) organized by Harvard Club of Poland. Mateusz graduated from Meridian High School in 2013 and then decided to continue his education at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge and after that at Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management in China. ‘The Path to Harvard’ competition supports best Polish students and college alumni in being admitted to Harvard University and other prestigious international universities. More than 1,500 people send their applications, 30 laureates were [...]

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World Champion in Duo Disco Dance at the 17th World Championship in Modern Dance Sport

We are pleased to announced that our 7A student Jagoda Francik took 1st place and has become a World Champion in Duo Disco Dance at the 17th World Championship in Modern Dance Sport, which took place on 13-16 May in Pula (Croatia). Jagoda also took 10th place in the prestigious Solo Disco Dance category! Jagoda has been dancing for 7 years in the Grawitacja Dance Academy, and this year, after participating in 12 tournaments, she earned her nomination to the representation of Poland and as Poland's representative, she competed at various international championships. Jagoda has been passionate about dancing since she [...]

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The Eco Bee Competition

Our school held The Eco Bee Competition, attended by high school and primary students. The competition brought  students closer to ecological maters as well as their attention to the role of bees in the ecosystem. Meridian

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International success for the Meridian International School

At the Polish finals of the European Youth Debating Competition held on 21 May in Krakow, we are proud to announce that Julia Kubiak from IB1 has been one of the winners. Julia will now be one of the Polish representatives at the European finals of the competition which will take place in Berlin in October. Another IB1 student, Siddarth Gadepalli was one of the runners-up in the Polish finals of the competition. The event is patronized by the European Young leaders’ Organization as well as the EPCA and Plastics Europe – two international foundations. The best schools in Poland [...]

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Success of swimmers from the Meridian school

On April 26-28, 2019, the "U-Ciecha" swimming pool of Center of Sport and Recreation in Ciechanów took place at the XXV STO Schools Polish Competition in Swimming. Two players represented the Meridian International Schools: Karolina from class 7a and Wiktoria. Victoria (time achieved 48.59) took the 11th place in a classic 50m style. Karolina, on the other hand, won two gold medals at these competitions! The first - at the distance of 50m butterfly style with a score of 34.49 and the second medal - at the distance of 100m in a variable style with the result 1:16.64. Congratulations to [...]

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We Play Streetball

On May 9, 2019, the 2nd Interschool Streetball Tournament took place at the Meridian International School.   Streetball is simply street basketball - a new Olympic discipline that will appear at the next Olympic Games in Tokyo. The patron of the tournament was Mr Artur Wołczacki, the Mayor of the Włochy district.   The tournament was attended by over 60 students from four schools in the Włochy district. The weather and moods were good, and the victory in both categories of boys and girls (grades VII, VIII and III of the middle school) was awarded to the Meridian International School. [...]

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Egypt, Papua New Guinea and Ireland in Warsaw!

Can you visit many different countries in one day? Yes, the Meridian school makes it possible! In April this year The Meridian International Primary School celebrated the annual International Day. The main purpose of this multicultural event is to show that different nationalities, races and religions can live together in harmony. To be able to participate in the event - the students learned about the national colours of the chosen country, characteristic symbols, culture and curiosities. With the help of parents, the presentation of the selected country was supplemented with local dishes and the students themselves wore appropriate costumes. Among selected countries [...]

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